Hello! I started this blog to find an escape for all my internalised thoughts and feelings. Talking to people is not my strong suit and hence, Inky Tea Galaxy is a place where I can express myself without being afraid.

I enjoy classic TV shows, naps and long drives on empty roads. Cheesecake is my favourite thing, I am avidly involved in Japanese Culture and the news is the best part of my morning. I am an introvert (INTJ) and often don’t understand how and why people are the way they are. Writing to me is a place where I can explore these ideas in my head and freely state what I think. I started writing three years ago as an attempt of doing something with my free time. As time progressed, so did my writing.

Here you will find different though pieces, free verses, first attempts, small series, pride pieces, new projects I want to carry out and real life experiences. You may find a review thrown in there or even something based off something I’ve seen or read. To put it briefly, it is a mix of everything.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy my little ramblings and thoughts. Goodbye.


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