Project Minimalism

Project Minimalism – Week 1

Hi hi! Thought I forgot about y’all now didn’t you? Maybe I abandoned the project after just two days? However, all of those are false. I’ve actually had a very busy past two weeks so I’ve been unable to update this project. However, it didn’t stop me to integrate this into my life.

Week 1 started off pretty alright. Nothing too extreme. I referred to The Minimalists, Our 21-Day Journey into Minimalism, to help guide me through this process. Having not done this before, I needed some sort of idea regarding how to go about it. Day 1 to Day 7 seemed easy enough, but I did alter a bit to my lifestyle, liking and schedule.

Day 1 revolved around making a list; changing the ‘I should’ to the ‘I must’. The list did take me a little while, it was hard to narrow down what was important to me. It began with many trivial things and slowly made its way to the bigger things. It took me about two hours before I sat face-to-face with a list of things that I must do. I was happy with was in front of me and it felt as if I had a concrete plan in order. The list went something like this:

I must eat healthy every day.
I must curtail my anger towards small things and people.
I must meditate every day.
I must write every day.
I must work on my relationships every day.
I must grow as an individual every day.
I must work towards my goal every day.
I must do my work without procrastinating every day.
I must be thankful and grateful every day.
I must approach every situation with compassion.
I must be passionate every day.
I must detach myself from people/situations that make me uncomfortable.
I must make time for myself every day.
I must live in the moment.

With that, I was ready to face Day 2. This involved a little more writing. A few questions I needed to answer to the broader question; what’s stopping me? These answers were personal and mentioned things that I’m not comfortable sharing on a public platform such as this one. However, I can say that the entire process was liberating. It gave me a chance to face my fear by accepting what was stopping me or where the problem lay. It gave me a better understanding of myself, really.

Day 3, 4 & 5 went a little similarly for me. I took it as the three days of decluttering. I realised that I didn’t have that much stuff to begin with but there was still stuff that I hadn’t used, worn or even seen in years. The first day was spent on clothes. Winter jumpers I hadn’t worn since I bought them, Summer shirts that were either torn or in perfect condition and a pair of dungarees I had worn last year and then abandoned due to some issues. There were so many articles of clothing that I forgot existed. At the end of the three hours I spent in front of my closet rearranging things, I had clothes piled up ready to donate and a few to trash.

The next day and the one after that, I spent getting rid of products that were expired, jewellery, shoes and stationary. It doesn’t seem like much but it filled up two trash bags worth of stuff. For me though, the hardest was letting go of stationary. I know it sounds odd but I’ve always been someone who loves stationary for its aesthetic purposes and how well it works. But the amount I had gathered over the years was unreal. It was way too much for one person to even use. I gathered up all the notebooks that I were lying empty, pens, pencils, notepads, highlighters and paints that were sitting in shelfs and put them in a box to give them away. By the end of it, I was left with everything I needed to survive my last year of high school and a box of things to donate.

Day 6 was a day of self-reflection for me. The day before this one had been super hectic and it’s safe to say I was miserable that Friday. Still following the guide I had been referring to, day 6 was supposed to be one where I faced my fears. So I did. I started doing college research. It worried me where I would end up and if my scores were enough but it had to be done. My dream school became a dream because things didn’t meet their requirements. Having said that, I ended up researching some really wonderful liberal arts school that I can see myself going to. It took me a while accepting the fact that I had to make a realistic college list, but by the end of the day, I was feeling a lot better about it. To compound that, I fixed up a phone call with someone I’ve always wanted to call up but didn’t have the strength to.

Day 7 saw another hectic, high-strung day. Between scrambling to get project work done and edit/format a newsletter, it was emotionally taxing. Instead of complaining about the work I had to do, I asked for help. I’ve never been one who has been good at asking for help but that day, it felt necessary. And by two in the morning, I had finished the newsletter, got it approved, finished most of my written content and then went to sleep.

So that was week one for me. It stretched from the 3rd of July to the 9th. It was a little challenging at first, to remember all my musts and somehow deal with school as well, but it felt right. I felt as if I was able to think more rationally and finish my work a little faster and better. Even though emotionally the week had been exhausting due to other factors but my thoughts seemed to be a little more organised and I felt more productive at the end of it.

Stay tuned for Week 2 that will be up by the end of the day!

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