A Little Ramble 

Creativity: the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.

These days my creativity has died in a hole and I have been coming up with nothing to write about in any form. It’s probably all my laziness but to some extent, I can blame my surroundings. Well, I’d like to think I can. Back when I was on holiday, things came to me much easier. I didn’t have to sit down and think “I should put something up today, what should I write on?”  I hate coming to a point where I just don’t know what to write and recently, it’s been like that.

I was presented with an opportunity to write a script for a project that puts up History videos for people. I jumped at the chance but script writing is something I have never done before. So of course, it resulted in a huge amount of panic. I ran to my ex English teacher and began to panic about how I won’t be able to do this. After listening to me go on for a few minutes, he told me to just start. Start small and build my way up. It seems simple when you think about it, writing a small little script won’t be hard but then a thought hit me like a truck; what if my creativity doesn’t exist? What if it’s something I like to think I have but I don’t really.

The thing is, whoever we are today is borrowed, even if we don’t want to admit it. If I watch something or if I read a book or stare at a painting, some bit of it will stay with me. It will impact me in a way where I begin to incorporate that idea in my everyday life. This can be a conscious decision or it could just happen because your experience changed you.

The thought of all my thoughts and ideas being borrowed from different sources bothers me. Then I began to question the originality of things. Something or the other is always linked to something that has happened before. It may not be an exact copy but traces are always present. It’s like you borrow little snippets from other creators and Frankenstein the entire thing to produce something new that has never been done.

I struggle with pulling stuff out of the bag because at some point, drawing the line is difficult. Finding what you want to create is the challenge that I struggle with because perception and comparison terrify me. If it’s not perfect it’s not good enough. But then perfection varies just like creativity. I like to think that my creativity and originality is a Frankenstein work in progress of everything that I have and am absorbing in my day to day life. It’s absolutely perfect because perfection changes and varies as it is most definitely a work in progress.


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