the Land of Corn and  Fields of Opportunity.
Not too long ago, I found myself in the Midwestern oddity.
To say I was shocked is a complete understatement.
With huge pieces of land and small houses accompanying them, majority of the state looked like it was completely deserted.
If Iowa looked like that from above, I didn’t know what to expect once we got to The Jewel of the Prairie, a little town known as Grinnell.
The moment I looked around, I didn’t know why my brother chose to spend his summer here but as the week progressed, I soon realised that this small town had a lot more to offer than I thought.
1011 High Street became a place I’d call a home away from home,
a place where some of my favourite memories were formed.

Everyone knew everyone and because Grinnell College was just five minutes away, the town mostly consisted of students.
The peace and quiet of my surroundings brought me immense joy.
Although there wasn’t much to do there, it didn’t bother me. I actually preferred it more than anything.
We would go to the grocery store to buy lunch and dinner, walk on the train tracks, eat unhealthy amounts of ice-cream at Dari Barn and go to Arts Building just to use the Wi-Fi.
It may not seem like much but it was more than enough for me.
I did spend most of the time sitting on the arm of the flowery old couch, but with my mother and brother around, the laughter never seized.

Before I knew it, I was running in the rain to do laundry at six in the morning because we had to catch a flight in three hours.
The constant cold breeze, taking three hours to walk to Walmart and back, the unexpected rain and the sound of the train passing by the kitchen window will always be imprinted in my brain.
The people I met, the Art that I saw and the experience I came back with is unfathomable.
But most of all, the time that I spent with my brother making s’mores, having chest pains and laughing until we couldn’t breathe, was the most precious thing that could ever exist.
I never thought that Iowa could impact me in such a huge way but while I was boarding the plane, I found myself not wanting to leave.
A place that felt like it was in the middle of nowhere managed to make its way into my heart one corn field at a time.


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