I first heard your name a few months ago.
I was sitting on the couch when my mother’s friend uttered your name.
Then I learned about you.
Your interests, your likes, your dislikes,
anything one could know about someone, I knew about you.
In those two days, I felt like I had already met you and I was eager to know more.I was then shown a picture and my, words cannot describe how breathtaking you looked.
Dressed in all black with a little bun on your head,
you had an air of mystery around you that captivated me.

Ever since then, you have managed to occupy all of my thoughts.
I wonder if you heard about me.
I wonder what you thought,
what you thought when you saw my face staring right at you.
Sometimes I make little scenarios in my head where your arms are wrapped around me and you’re looking at me with love in your eyes.
It seems silly having these kinds of thoughts about some I’ve never met before,
but something about you has managed to draw me in.

I’ve taken a fancy to a lanky, brown-eyed boy and it fills me with an indescribable amount of giddiness.
I await our future encounter and hopefully,
things progress in some way.
But for now,
I’m occupied with my lovely thoughts.
My thoughts about you.


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