Sitting at an Airport, Waiting…

A beautiful blond haired boy sits across me with earphones in his ears while bouncing his leg to the beat of the music.
His pale hands stick out from underneath his baggy grey sweatshirt to scroll through his phone.
He often looks up at me but avoids eye contact whenever I look at him.
His hair is hidden underneath a blue beanie and his dark brown eyes shine with innocence and curiosity.
His white sneakers rest on the seat beside him and his hand supports his head while he looks at all the people pass him by.
His mother sits beside him fishing through a dark blue bag while saying something to him. He nods his head in agreement and then goes back to looking at his phone.
His baggy clothing envelopes him completely and makes him look much smaller than he is, it makes him look adorable.
He seems bored out of his mind but nevertheless, he has managed to catch my attention.
Sometimes, he seems to be deep in thought and I do not know why, but I want to know what is going on in his innocent young mind.
Maybe he’s thinking about his friends or a girl in his class or he’s thinking of his destination and what awaits him.
But maybe, he’s worried about it too.
I can imagine him when he grows older,
with that unruly blond hair and that boyish charm;
he’d be irresistible.
He keeps looking around, trying to pass the time before his flight and I keep observing him.
Before he knew it, he was picking up his donut backpack and standing in line with his mother, ready to board the flight.
He turned around to look at me as if he knew that I was looking,
with a grin on his face, he waved at me and walked away.
I never did see him after that, not even on the flight but I can never forget the innocence his eyes held.


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