Thought Pieces


Time has a funny way of playing out. A month ago I was in my pyjamas, talking to a friend about running away for everything. Today, I am sitting on a chair in front of a screen, hoping for a second chance and wishing that things could be how they were a year ago when we first met. In this past year, I have realised that time does not wait for anyone. It passes by without you noticing. You find yourself  wanting things to be different. You curse time for how it fooled you. You wish to go back in time and fix what is now broken. But the thing is that as much as you try and hope and pray, you cannot go back in time and undo what is done.

In DC’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, there is a concept of Time Masters. In ‘Doctor Who’, there are the Time Lords. If in all these alternative forms of our reality, if these people who watch over time really do exist, then some part of me wishes for them to intervene and fix things. The complication in that though is that without everything that we’ve gone through or what the world has gone through, we would not be who or what we are today.Plus, I am sure that there is some oath against intervening with time lines.

Time, how I love it and loathe it. I love the time I spent making memories and I loathe the time when things changed for the worse. Time changes all of us and be it a good change or a bad change, it is inevitable. We think back to how we could have prevented something by doing it different but that is the thing about human beings, we act on impulse and thus, we yearn to go back in time. I cannot understand time, I do not want to understand it either. Time is a vast concept, an unfathomable concept that ends up cheating us all but the complexity is what makes it the one thing that cannot be destroyed.


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